Sami is a Florida native, having grown up in Palm Harbor and living in various areas around Pinellas County until she was 21, when she threw caution to the wind and moved across the country to Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, Sami had a successful career as a pastry chef and bakery manager, where she honed in her management style, learned to build lasting relationships with partners and vendors, and utilized her creativity and eye for detail. After 8 years in Portland, Sami moved back to Dunedin to enjoy sun, sand, and family.  

Being a real estate agent blends some of Sami’s passions in a unique and innovative way. It allows her to combine her knack for organization and love of paperwork with her creative nature, her love of people and ability to talk to anyone. She is able to draw on her wide range of skills and expertise to cultivate a business with a distinctive approach and unparalleled problem solving.

In her free time, Sami enjoys spending time with her family. She has twin boys, born in 2016, who love the outdoors, animals, and talking. Sami and her family love all that the Tampa Bay Area has to offer, taking advantage of the year round sunshine to go for walks, swim, and explore.

Sami loves her dachshund, Gary, reading, and doing home projects. 


Photos of Sami taken by Katie Matson.